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You don’t get to be Europe’s leading label manufacturer without innovating every step of the way and delighting clients with a service that’s truly memorable.

That’s exactly how we’ve built our success here at Source Labels. Part of the Limo Group, another key reason that explains our success is our Label Research & Development facility. This hotbed of creativity enables us to help clients solve tricky problems and create innovative products that add value and ensure their labels truly reflect their brand and stand out from the rest.

This creative approach, combined with our technical expertise and our determination to provide world-class customer service, means every client gets effective and original solutions, every time. See how our labels can be the source of your success.

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SOURCE LABELS ARE excited to be at the forefront of 3D technology and the ‘double sided’ label that reduces material weight


Here's a few famous clients we've worked with so far

What our Clients say

  • Source Labels ability to deliver an immaculate and often complex innovative product, in-full and on-time at an affordable cost is exceptional

    Tony Igoe, Director Global Strategic Sourcing at Oriflame
  • Despite considerable and demanding cost and time constraints Source Labels have developed an 'intelligent' label solution that satisfies our most stringent requirements

    Mark Ellis, Commercial Director, BLOCKHEAD ENERGY Gum
  • The conversion of our colour matched lipstick labels from flatbed screen by Source Labels to 'state of the art' digital has provided us with a significant cost reduction whilst increasing flexibility in our supply chain

    Jean-Marie Colle, Weckerle CH

Source Labels can convert the most technically demanding label design at an affordable and competitive price.


Our Products

Source Labels manufacture the full range of label products;
this includes (but is not limited to):

• 3D Graphics - a stunning patented and unique innovation

• Ten page synthetic peel and reseal coupons (where each layer can be a unique shape and size)

• High impact high tactile screen labels

• Personalised labels where each label can have a unique image and/or code (or barcode)

• Heat proof labels that can withstand 250C degrees

• Secure Labels - Labels that incorporate a number of security features

• Colour matched - colour matched labels against your product

• Tamper evident labels

• RFID labels

• Raised image labels

• Variable data labelling

• High volume immaculate combination process on all materials

• Sachets

• Sleeves

• Double sided print

• Non adhesive Site safety sign for the construction industry - taking its light source in daylight then glowing in the dark

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Stunning innovative electronics such as geopositioning and in-store-tracking.


3D Labels for Brand Security

A revolutionary 3D label: a new kind of label to strengthen your brand security while also protecting against counterfeiting.

Source Labels in conjunction with Rolling Optics innovative technology offers a new generation of visual materials in crystal-clear 3D optics.

The 3D designs can balance patterns, colours, depth and size to match the look and feel of your existing brand identity.

We work together with Rolling Optics innovative technology to offer a new generation of labels in crystal clear 3D to guarantee product authentication and anti-counterfeiting.



We’re equally proud of our Utroque

A Liner Less 'double sided' label product results in up to 25% reduction in unit cost, 50% reduction in support liner, 40% reduction in material weight

No business wants to be labelled a threat when it comes to the environment, and we’re no different.


Environmentally Responsible Objectives and Products

Source Labels are able to offer a range of environmentally responsible products, including 100% 'post-consumer' waste recycled papers and compostable synthetic substrates.


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